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NNMN Custom

NNMN Custom


Apart from the standard flavors, you can now purchase non-standard flavors from NNMN. Custom flavors available are:

  1. NNMN phaNtom Lite (phaNtom with an extra hint of honeydew/melon)
  2. NNMN fireFox Lemon (lemon based)
  3. NNMN haNuman ICE (mentholated haNuman)
  4. NNMN haNumango (haNuman + NFS v1)
  5. NNMN NFS: Not For Sale V1 (A sweet green mango. Original NFS)
  6. NNMN NFS: Not For Sale V2 (A sweet ripe mango flavor. NOT the same as NFS V1).
  7. NNMN haNumango V1 (haNuman + NFS v1)
  8. NNMN haNumango V2 (haNuman + NFS v2)
  9. NNMN absiNthe – It is a pure anise-flavoured ejuice derived from botanicals. This is a distilled, highly alcoholic (45–74%) ejuice.

NOTE: Order is ONLY available on back-order, usually ready within 3-4 business days.



Bottle Size:  100 & 300ml
Nicotine: 0, 6, 9 & 12 mg.
PG/VG:  Varies

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NNMN phaNtom Green, NNMN phaNtom Blue, NNMN phaNtom Lite, NNMN fireFox, NNMN fireFox Lemon, NNMN haNuman, NNMN haNuman ICE, NNMN garGoyle, NNMN haNumango V1, NNMN haNumango V2, NNMN NFS: Not For Sale V1, NNMN NFS: Not For Sale V2, NNMN Lucyfer, NNMN Blue Lucyfer, NNMN absiNthe


100ml, 300ml


15mg, 18mg, 0mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg

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